Technology Trends Reshaping the Future – A conversation with Padmasree Warrior

We had the pleasure of hosting Padmasree Warrior in Bangalore on Wednesday 18th Nov 2015 for a conversation on ‘Technology Trends Reshaping the Future.’ It was a fantastic event with a great mix of top entrepreneurs as well as technology leaders from companies such as Facebook, Google, IBM, Infosys, Mindtree, Intel among others.

As you may know, Padmasree was until recently the Chief Technology and Strategy officer for Cisco. In her thought provoking talk, Padmasree highlighted several technologies and sectors ready for disruption. You can view the entire conversation here.

Here are some excerpts from her talk:

“In the last half century, technology has made tremendous progress. Fifty years ago, drones and self-driving cars would have sounded like science fiction. But it is science fiction that prompts us as inventors and innovators to create the future. From direct dialling and money orders in the sixties to 14 billion networked devices in 2014 and mobile app payments, we have leapfrogged in terms of technology that is delivering immense value.”

Key sectors that Padmasree views as ready for disruption:

Transportation: Everything will change in the way we move people. Automobiles haven’t really changed since the time they were invented. The change begins with what people will drive. Electric and autonomous vehicle will become prominent with vehicle to vehicle communication capacity to map optimum path and predict traffic delays. Eventually, associated businesses like automotive insurance will also get disrupted as a result of these innovations.

Robotics: Bio-mimicry — driven by advances in sensors, computing and materials will inspire new robotic abilities. With an aging population, we can also expect nursing robots to solve elderly care.

Connected Bodies: Ingestible chips to monitor healthy diet, tiny sensors to track vitals around the clock, spinal cord implants to reverse paralysis and brain chips that let us absorb data while we sleep are possibilities within the next couple of decades.

Medical Technology: In the future, it may be possible to 3D print biocompatible organs using live cells as ink or sequencing a baby’s genome before birth, using parent’s DNA, to screen for high risk diseases.

Internet of Everything: Connecting devices and data with people and processes will generate a sensor economy which will create $19T worth of new value, as per Cisco estimates.

Food: So far technology has used nature’s resources without their replenishment. This will change as technology helps increase food production. Future food production will depend on farm scrapers that grow pesticide-free crops year-round — making it much simpler for people to consume locally produced crops.

Education & Skills: We’ve all spent so much effort in our schools, but once we start working all the learning is up to us. Instead of just relevant content or MOOCs, the learning model itself will be disrupted. Just as the smartphone gets a software update, the brain may also be in need for knowledge updates.Technologies to make this happen are around the corner.

Over 30 start-ups across IOT, Analytics, Ecommerce, Fin-Tech, Content and other domains had a chance to meet and interact with Padmasree in a thought provoking and engaging discussion.

At Kalaari, we are committed to hosting thinkers and doers such as Padmasree to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.

Thank you Padmasree for sharing your valuable insights.

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