Vani is the Managing Director at Kalaari Capital, an early stage venture capital firm based in Bangalore. She is a renowned investor and a visionary known for identifying emerging markets. Her leadership at Kalaari centers around her commitment to the development of entrepreneurs and her conviction that Indian companies are poised to become global players.

Having been a successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley for 22 years, Vani now works with first-time entrepreneurs to build strong global companies. She focuses on technology companies, leveraging India’s domestic growth to create high growth enterprises. She has successfully led investments in e-commerce, mobile services, education and healthcare. Many of her investments have now become very successful, validating her aptitude for picking the best young minds and mentoring them to build successful enterprises. She serves on several company boards and speaks widely on entrepreneurship and leadership.

Vani is profiled in numerous books and has been identified as one of the Fortune Most Powerful Women in Business. Outside of enjoying building high growth companies her interests focus on raising her two daughters and musing about finding the perfect balance between work and family. She is involved in various organizations focused on fostering entrepreneurship and women leadership.

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  1. Its been great reading about you and congratulations to you on your achievements you have made over a period of time.As you know this is probably the best time to start your own venture with the right environment exist.
    How do we connect with you.
    Saw you at the fortune 40 under 40 event but could not meet you.
    It might be out of your domain but the vision and expertise can help us in moving in the right direction.
    I am looking to start a customized men’s wear clothing in Bangalore using the best of fabrics from across the globe produced in the finest mills of Italy,japan,spain.etc.

    need to touch base with you regarding the same.

  2. Madam,
    I came to know about you through an article regarding KALAARI CAPITAL in EENADU AADIVARAM (Eenadu magazine, dated 25.10.2015).
    I am very happy to read that and especially the last sentence is very impressive, i.e. you are plantation of the vegetables at your garden.
    In our country there are so many poor people not using vegetables in their routine food due to hiking in vegetable prices. There is a solution I would like to share with you, please send your e-mail id I will send proposal.
    We can’t feed them but we can give a hope and awareness to them.

    Thank you Madam.

    Sudhakara Rao Avidi
    Mobile: +91 9704669388

  3. We are looking for seed funding for our startup How can we contact you and present our business plan.
    We are working with a tech startup that provides unique features for car rentals and transportation in general. It will help to solve the problem of increasing number of private cars and spare people from all the hassles and troubles of maintaining a car. We have got a lot to offer to the society through our business model. Hopefully I will get a positive response from you Mam and get a chance to share my passion and vision with you.

  4. Hello Mam,

    I am your avid follower and read all your articles. Being in the startup world, we really get lot of inspiration from you. We would be glad if we could get the chance of working under your mentorship. We have a small startup with the name- Shikha Foods India Pvt. Ltd. (SFIPL) and we are committed to provide healthy snacks to the world. Since our launch a year back we have sold 1.5 lac retail packets and have over 21,000 people following us on facebook and have positive GMV.

    We would be glad if we could get the chance to meet you in person so that we can tell you more about our venture.

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