India Macro and Consumption

India took the path of a socialist economy after independence in 1947. The policies tended towards protectionism, strong emphasis on import substitution, state regulated industrialisation and a dominant public sector. But India started having large fiscal deficit problems starting 1985, …

Should We Celebrate Failure?

Recently, I came upon a report in a newspaper that argued that we should celebrate failure. Quoting an entrepreneur, it lamented that we are obsessed with just a few popular startups. We should pay attention to failures too. “How about …

When to start a startup?

What do entrepreneurs, astronauts and artists have in common, other than they begin with syllable ‘Ah’.

Take astronauts. Some moments are indelibly imprinted in our minds. I remember the space shuttle Challenger launch in 1986, the excitement and anticipation leading …

Home advantage

It has been nearly a decade since Vani Kola, managing director of Kalaari Capital, went from being Silicon Valley entrepreneur to an India venture capitalist. The big move appears to have paid off