Hello World. Myself Vani Here is a quick sneak peek into my life.

It all started when I understood that, sometimes life puts you in situations where you have to just rise up and take ownership of the situations. As accurately put in the words of the superhero Iron Man,

“Sometimes you gotta run before you can learn how to walk.” ~ Tony Stark

I have basically been running marathons in these kinds of uncommon paths.

My Youth

I was 16 years old when I started to pursue my engineering degree and I was one among the 6 girls who graduated in a batch with upwards of 400 students. I graduated and went ahead to pursue my master’s in engineering in the USA.

My Ad-Ventures

I started my first business venture in USA 1996 an e-procurement company. 5 years down the line I took a tough call and decided to sell the company. I started another venture dealing in supply-chain software development. I sold this one too. Only to make up my mind within days to come back to India and start my own Venture Capital firm here and work with some of the brightest budding Entrepreneurs in India.

Me Personally

I used to be an adventurous hiker and runner. I scaled the peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the 2000s and participated in multiple marathons. 

I have many sources of inspiration, I am a mother of two daughters and have a whole bunch of plants in our garden. I am a nature enthusiast, hence I practice sustainable living to meet all my family’s needs.

I am deeply spiritually inclined, daily meditation is what allows me to be in a profession of such high intensity.

The mind of a visionary, the spirit of an entrepreneur, and the heart of a mother, voracious reading and flair for writing, are my way of self-expression.

“I am a Dreamer. I believe nothing is Impossible. I believe if we can picture something in our minds, we should be able to accomplish it.”

~ Vani Kola