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These timeless words emphasise the power of today. The experiences of time make us wiser. For a better tomorrow, we may look back on lessons from our past on how we can live well today. As the year comes to a close, it is an opportune time to reflect on the learnings and memories from the year gone by, here I am sharing my Reflections on 2022.  

The theme of this blog is inspired by the works of Thota Vaikuntam, a Telangana painter I greatly admire. His use of rich colours (yellows and reds) gives me a sense of character and personal connection.  

3 Reflections on 2022

3 Reflections on 2022 - Vani Kola

Power of Community: Amazing things happen when people come together for a cause.  Building our CXXO community this year was a sheer high. We also hosted the #KalaariConnect Lounge at the TiE Global Summit.  The many old and new relationships we could renew were energising. The startup community as it grows is a force.

I am One, but still, I am One: Can one person make a difference? It is easy to get dissuaded or feel daunted when you feel one person can do not much. This year so many stories of individuals who have transcended many odds to prove what one person can achieve had motivated me to feel a sense of oneness versus aloneness when faced with challenges. Even the smallest actions have the power to make a difference. Being my authentic self can be a unique superpower. 

That Extra 10%: The difference between great and the rest.  That small extra effort consistently.  I’ve experienced this rule in action. We can see it with the most successful people. It was incredible to witness the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar. I was fortunate to be present in person at the Lusail stadium and catch it live. Probably one of the best finals in the history of the tournament. The Messi final. A life lesson in finding that extra 10%. It’s not just Messi’s talent but his humility and work ethic. His strong commitment to excellence. Relentless desire to improve all the time. What a legend and legacy he has created. Each of us can find that legacy in our own way if we draw that extra in ourselves.

Goals for 2023

Goals for 2023 - Vani Kola

I want to start 2023 with an open mind and welcome whatever the new year brings to my life. I no longer set new year goals that are metrics-based. Metrics are outcomes of intent and action. My goals are really about values and ways to live a meaningful life that gives me satisfaction and makes a difference to others. 

I end the year on a note of deep gratitude and no regrets.

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