Hardest part of Work-Life Balance - Poll by Vani Kola

Work-life balance is hard to strike. Structuring my life, breaking it into parts, and sticking to routines has helped me stay focused, grounded, and consistent. I find the discipline of routine liberating and empowering. 

All of us have struggled to maintain the balance at some point. When that unfortunate phase strikes, we compromise on some aspects of life. I wanted to know what routine has become hardest to maintain, especially as we continue to work from home. 

40% of the people, an overwhelming percentage, would feel more balanced if they could find out time to work more adequately.  

I resonate with this feeling. Working out provides me with the energy to operate at peak performance. Focusing on maintaining physical and mental health is a priority. Scheduling workouts on the calendar and subscriptions to programs like Cult allows me to work around my schedule. Participating in a buddy system; for someone to hold me accountable has led to my development working out as a consistent routine.  

I am a morning person and take a 6 AM walk in my neighborhood that recharges me. It is beautiful to see the sunrise while I am walking. I carry the positive energy the sun radiates with me for the day.

Watching Sunrise - Work-Life Balance - Vani Kola
Watching Sunrise in the nature- Work-life Balance - Vani Kola

It is good to see that most people do not feel challenged by being unable to spend time with their family or consume nutritious meals. Health and family are the anchors to work through any of our life crises. It is great to see that many people spend quality family time and maintain a healthy diet. 

The penetration of high-speed and omnipresent wireless data has opened the floodgates of unlimited digital entertainment. The biggest challenge with that is it eats into our sleep. Having healthy screen time habits ensures that we get adequate sleep. Personally, it has necessitated daily vigilance.

Maintain work-life Balance - Comments on the poll by Vani Kola
Hardest part of maintaining a Routine- Comments of the poll - vani kola
Hardest part of maintaining a Routine- Comments of the poll on Linked-in
Hardest part of maintaining a Routine- Comments of the poll by Vani Kola
Hardest part of maintaining a Routine- Comments of the Linked-in poll by Vani Kola
Maintaining Work-Life Balance - Comments of the poll - Vani Kola

Breaking down our days into smaller portions and planning allows us to prioritize, schedule, and execute for a healthier lifestyle. We should build our calendar with stable, certain blocks and allow some time for contingencies. 

Balancing is always a hard act; maintain the right Work-Life Balance is the hardest. As people tell startups, try multiple approaches, each to the best of your ability, to find your fit.